About Us

DIMESTORE GYPSY comes to you from Greenville, South
Carolina and is pure 100 proof gritty rock n roll. 

  Dimestore Gypsy, led by singer, songwriter, guitar slinger, Robbie Chambers hails from Greenville, South Carolina.  The music is a blend of driving hard rock with a smokey southern flavor and just enough 70s influence to keep the retro vibe alive.  Their live show has been compared to such hard rock classics as Aerosmith, Guns n Roses and KISS due to the pure energy exhibited on stage.  Robbie is backed by a group of outstanding musicians including Teddy Ethridge on guitar and vocals, Frank DeMarco on bass and Will JAmes on drums driving the groove.   The band has recently released their first E.P. entitled Ashes of the Gypsy.

DIMESTORE GYPSY comprised of

Robbie Chambers on Guitar and Vocals,

Ted Ethridge on Guitar and Vocals.                           

Frank DeMarco on Bass 

Will James on Drums and Keyboard

 Dimestore Gypsy is a band that is making a noise
on the southeastern music scene. Making rock n roll the old
fashioned way……with drums and guitars!!!

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